Red Bird Theatre is a collective of professional artists committed to a collaborative, rigorous process and the execution of challenging, provocative material.


Our mission is to work with the highest-caliber artists to produce plays that expose life’s transcendent moments. Whether ancient or contemporary, our plays remind audiences of our common humanity while celebrating the nuances of our individual experiences.


  • Process built on collaboration with a carefully selected creative team
  • A rigorous rehearsal environment
  • Respect for the source material, artists and audience
  • Women in leadership positions
  • A sense of humor about the difficult task of creating meaningful art in a rapidly changing world
Artistic Director, Genevieve Bennett

… a director really on top of her game…some of the best ensemble acting you’ve seen all year…a richly-textured world….I actually used the word “transcendent” in my review.

 –MN Playlist’s Sophie Kerman

Marketing Director, Sara Robinson