Red Bird Theatre believes:

Art is either responding to the world or it is not.

Not responding is not an option.

A Bright Room Called Day

by Tony Kushner

Directed by Genevieve Bennett

About the Show

Tony Kushner’s A Bright Room Called Day follows Agnes and her friends, a group of artists living in Berlin as the democracy of the Weimar Republic gives way to fascism and the rise of the Nazi party.  The Nazis wins seats in parliament, the Reichstag burns, labor unions are disbanded and the first camps are constructed.  Agnes and her friends struggle to navigate the uncharted territory of their time. Outraged and shocked, the inertia of helplessness and fatigue threatens to stall them in the face of the evil that is sweeping their country.

Americans are living in a volatile and disturbing political and social climate. Much like Agnes and her friends, many are struggling to figure out how to respond. Placed against the backdrop of the Trump administration, A Bright Room Called Day functions as a cautionary tale about the temptation of inaction in the face of fear mongering, nationalism, and lies.  We join with the character of Zillah, who frames the play and speaks to us from the present to decry the injustices and challenges to our democracy that are cropping up all around us.


Coming to the stage in 2019!

In collaboration with Twin Cities favorites:
Barbra Berlovitz, Paul de Cordova*, Delta Rae Giordano, Brian Goranson, Alex Hathaway, Kimberly Richardson, Sara Richardson*, Siddeqah Shabazz