Red Bird Theatre believes:

Art is either responding to the world or it is not.

Responding is the only option.

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A Bright Room Called Day

by Tony Kushner

Directed by Genevieve Bennett

April 4-8 + 11-13, 2019
Pillsbury House

About the Show

Berlin, Germany.  1932. New Year’s Eve.  In a comfortable apartment, friends gather to celebrate.  Outside, the Weimar Republic is giving way to the rise of the Nazi party.

Manhattan, Lower East Side.  1984.  A woman holes up in her shoe box apartment and sends hate mail to the president.  Haunted by the past, she fears the seeds of fascism being sown in her own backyard.


In the face of fear, hatred,
nationalism and lies,
what do we do?

How do we respond?

And are we prepared to do what is required?


Featuring Twin Cities favorites

Kenzi Allen, Barbra Berlovitz,
Paul de Cordova*, Pedro Juan Fonseca,
Delta Rae Giordano, Alex Hathaway,
Leif Jurgensen, Kimberly Richardson*,
Shelby Richardson*, Siddeeqah Shabazz

*denotes Actors Equity Association member

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